• Sight Singing Pro

    Q: The app does not seem to provide correct feedback.


    If the pitch is not detected correctly, it can be caused by various reasons. Please check the following things first:

    1. Even when you sing at the correct pitch, if its timing is not quite right, the feedback will be affected. We recommend to try 'Always On' of 'Metronome' option on the Setting section or using a headset or earphones so that you can hear the metronome sound as background while you are singing.
    2. The feedback could be affected by ambient noise. We recommend to use the app in a quiet room.

    Q: I got the message saying 'it seems that you sing an octave lower'. How can I change the octave?


    In order to control octaves, please use the octave switches that say 'original', '8va', etc. They can be found at the right end of the screen, just above and under a musical sheet as shown in the image below. The one above a sheet is for raising an octave, whereas the one under a sheet is for lowering an octave.

    broken image

    Q: The 'Two Voices Course' doesn't seem to work well.


    In the 'Two Voices Course', the other part is also played back while you are singing. If your singing voice is not loud enough, the app could detect the sound of the other part, instead of your voice. If that's the case, please try to use headphone/earphones so that the sound of the other part won't be detected by the app.

    Q: Some buttons overlap as shown in the image below (only iPhone).


    This issue occurs when your iPhone is in the 'Larger Text' mode. Please try the following steps to change it back to the 'Default' mode:

    broken image
    1. Open your iPhone's 'Settings' app.
    2. Tap 'Display & Brightness'.
    3. Tap 'Display Zoom'.
    4. Select 'Default'.
    5. Tap 'Done'.
    6. Tap 'Use Standard'.

    Sight Singing Studio

    Q: I heard that a MusicXml file can be imported into Sight Singing Studio. How can I do that?


    What you need to do is to open a MusicXml file with Sight Singing Studio. This is a function of your device, not of the app, so for exact steps please refer to Apple's document specific to your device type. With Sight Singing Studio, the most common use case is to attach a file as an email attachment. Then you can follow the steps below:

    1. Touch and hold the file until a menu appears.
    2. Tap the Share button.
    3. Select the icon of Sight Singing Studio.  
    broken image

    Q: I'm editing a music sheet on the Sheet Editor section, but am not sure how to add a new bar.


    There are two ways to do so:

    1. When the switch with an eye icon, which is shown with '1' on the image below, is turned on, the buttons with '+' and '-' will appear (as shown with '2' on the image). They can be used for adding/deleting a bar.
    2. If you click the edit button shown with '3' on the image, it will lead to the Sheet Info section, and you can change the bar count there.
    broken image

    Q: What is the Voice Input feature?


    With this feature, you can input notes with your voice/singing on the Sheet Editor section. It's done one bar at a time. In the Sheet Info section, which you can access with the edit icon at the top right of the screen, you can configure how the feature works.